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Privacy is dead?

30 Nov 2021

Tags: Privacy, Tech

Tho, is it really? And should it be?

My note-taking setup

28 Aug 2021

Tags: Tech

I have been looking for a note-taking solution, that works for me. And here it is.


14 Jul 2021

Tags: Tech

I have introduced Plausible Analytics into my page, here is why.


12 Jul 2021

Tags: Personal life, Books

I bought books

Finished Cluster - What now?

04 Mar 2021

Tags: Coding, Rust, Tech

I finished my first big-ish project and here is how it went

My little adventure with Rust

16 Feb 2021

Tags: Coding, Rust, Tech

My journey towards Rust

DWM Patching and themeing

10 Feb 2021

Tags: Tech, Linux, Ricing

Yesterday I redid my dwm config and patches, here is how it went.

The Configuration Procrastination

28 Jan 2021

Tags: Tech, Linux

Here I want to talk about the state of my Linux config and why this state bugs me.

Why piracy exists

22 Jan 2021

Tags: Tech

I do not know how I could summarize this post, so in this post I talk a bit about piracy.

Reworking my blog

11 Jan 2021

Tags: Tech

As you may have noticed I reworked my blog. Here is why and how.

100 days to offload

09 Jan 2021

Tags: #100DaysToOffload

Why not, I am giving this a try.


30 Dec 2020

Tags: Personal life

Of course my first post is about something, that totally does not fit into the theme of this website, but I want to tell you about a walk I took today.