14 Jul 2021

Tags: Tech

Hello everyone,

If you see UBlock Origin block something on my page, I do not try to host ads or track you in am malicious way, I would never do that, so do not worry about that.

But what is it then, you may ask. It is my Plausible Analytics script.

Because I now use my old laptop as a server I was able to host Plausible, because it only runs on x86.

I am just curious, who, if anyone, reads this and how much of you are out there.

Plausible is an open source project, which respects your privacy and I can selfhost. If it were anything that could compromise your privacy and be used to track you across the web, I would never implement it here. With Plausible you can not be tracked across sites, it collects no PII, uses no Cookies, is compliant to the GDPR and I host it on my server. You can check the origin of the tracking script in the page source in <head>. It comes from my domain, You can also checkout the dashboard at This is everything I know about you, everything that my website collects. Just that, nothing more.

If you still do not trust me, Plausible or just do not want analytics or JS, all of them understandable, feel free to block that script with UBlock Origin or the tool of your choosing. Tho I would really appreciated it, if you would whitelist my site, just so I can get a picture of the traffic.

If you have any questions, or thoughts, feel free to contact me.