12 Jul 2021

Tags: Personal life, Books

So last Tuesday I went to a bookshop with my girlfriend. She wanted to go, so went with her. I had no aversion to going, but I also was not super hyped about it.

So we bike to the city and go the bookshop and it did not take 5 minutes and I was totally hooked.

There is something really satisfying about browsing the shelf's, your attention getting grabbed by that cover and discovering this book and really liking that setting.

You also have the possibility to find totally new things, that you did not even consider or knew of before, just because you can physically and mentally take in all that is there. There is a room with physical restrictions, in which all the books are stored, sorted by genre and you can just go about and browse the shelf's and let yourself be intrigued by this or that book. It is not this unpersonal plain wall of books like on Amazon for example.

I bought two books, one of them being Metro 2033, after deciding, that buying the collectors edition might me a but much, and Ork City.

I already finished Ork City, it was a nice book, no masterpiece, but still entertaining. I especially liked the setting of Fantasy Noir and am looking forward to reading more in that direction.

Another little thing that happened there was, that I found a illustrated book, Things from the Flood, and it instantly captured me. Just the artstyle and the story really had something that touched me. I can not really explain it, but that's just how it is. I really wanted to buy it, but I could not afford this book and the two others, so I chose the two others. But I am definitely going to buy it one day.

Also I am pretty sure I have wallpapers from that book on my PC.