My little adventure with Rust

16 Feb 2021

Tags: Coding, Rust, Tech

Rust. The meme programing language. Half of the people love it and want to rewrite everything in it, the other half does not like it. And I am somewhere in the middle.

Of course it is not that black and white. It is just, that those are the loudest voices, and those are all you hear. But it is true, that I am somewhere in the middle.

As far as programing languages go, I know Python and written some small projects in it, dabbled a bit with C and C#, and know some Bash scripting. But that's about it. But I really love coding. I have fun doing it. Being able to create stuff from almost nothing; making the computer do exactly (at least in theorie^^) what you want. This tickles something in me.

Python, because it is a good beginner language and I had fun there, and C/C#, because it is able to do more low level things and is more present in gamedev than Python. And I wanted to do more low level stuff and maybe some gamedev.

Turns out C is hard. With all the manual stuff like memory control and types and so on. It was hard to grasp those concepts for a (not much) younger me. Especially, because I did not really had an idea for a project, and therefore not too much motivation nor practice with the language. So my C journey found a rather quick end.

That was it for my coding career for some time, except some bash scripting, and I started to do a but more sysops stuff with my server and a bit more gaming with friends.

But recently one could hear a lot from Rust and I asked myself, what is this Rust. So I set out to google it. I read some articles, on why one should use Rust and looked at there website.

What do I see there?

They have an official Rust book, where they introduce you to the language and guide you through the concepts. I've also recently started to read more again, so I set out to take a look at this book, and I was captured. I do not know what exactly it was. I would guess a mix from the good guidance, the power of the lower level, while also being a good language for other tasks.

Maybe if there was such a good documentation/book for C I would have stuck with it, but maybe I have just missed it. But I found the Rust book, so here we are.

So I have begun to read the book and after a few pages decided I would setup a Rust environment on my PC. Downloaded rustup, run it and let's go.

At this time I wanted to play a clicker game, why, I do not know, which is not bloated, and somehow came to the conclusion to write one myself with Rust, because why not.

So this is how I came to write my own little game in Rust. I will talk about the game on this blog in the future, because I really have fun writing it and doing everything involved with it.